Your Co-op

Why Get Involved?

People become members of co-operatives for a number of reasons and the same will be true for the Drumlin Wind Energy Co-operative. The co-op can only succeed with the commitment of its members.

At this stage, the co-op will need many people to join and invest so that it can raise the finance necessary to build the wind turbines that have received planning consent.

All members of the co-op are eligible to become a member of the co-op board of Directors. So there will be an opportunity for some to serve their fellow members by sitting on the board.

Many people are concerned about the effect that catastrophic climate change caused by mankind’s activities will have on us all – as individuals, as communities, and as a country. We also face the prospect of dwindling fossil fuel reserves which is already leading to increasing prices, shortages and a lack of energy security.

In response to these enormous challenges many people try to recycle more, or to reduce energy usage. However few take the step of installing renewable energy devices on their own properties, often because it may be impractical, and is usually costly.

A community co-operative, like the Drumlin Wind Energy Co-op, presents a fantastic opportunity for people and organisations to make a real tangible contribution to tackling these problems by getting involved in a renewable energy generation project. Larger scale renewable energy projects (especially wind turbines) tend to be many times more efficient than small domestic ones.

By getting involved in the co-op, you are co-operating together with others to support the growth of efficient renewable energy generation in Northern Ireland and to create a focus for local environmental activity.

You can become a member of the co-op by investing any amount between £250 and £20,000. Every member gets a good return from an ethical investment whilst also contributing to the well-being of the local economy and community.

If you live in Northern Ireland then you will be given priority membership if the share offer is oversubscribed.