Share Offer


The information below is designed to give simple answers to some common questions.

In making any decision to invest you should rely only on the information set out in the Offer Document. It is important that you read and consider the Offer Document as a whole with care, ensuring particularly that you understand the risks and that you take financial and other advice as necessary.

Who are the main players in all this?
How does a Co-op work?
How much will the Co-op need to raise?
What happens if the Co-op fails to raise the Maximum £1.2 million?
What happens if the Co-op fails to raise the Minimum £600,000?
How much can I invest?
EIS Tax Relief on Shares
Claiming EIS Tax relief
Can I put in money for my children?
Will I get priority if the offer is over-subscribed?
When does the Offer close?
The investment opportunity
When will I get my first payment?
Will I get my money back?
Can I get my money out early?
What happens if I die?
Will the Co-op get involved in other activities?

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