Share Offer

Share Offer

Drumlin Wind Energy co-op is currently working with Energy4All and NRG Solutions to build Northern Ireland's first community wind farm co-operative. A public Share Offer launched on the 25 June 2012 at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast. The Co-op plans to raise up to £3.4 million to build and operate five 250kW wind turbines, all with planning consent.  Priority will be given to people living in Northern Ireland.


 Stephen Agnew, a Green Party MLA in Northern Ireland giving the keynote speech at the launch.


Paul Rea, former Chairman of Fenland Green Power Co-op gave a presentation on the merits of community ownership through a Co-op.

Drumlin Wind Launch

Nigel Brady (Chairman), Paul Phare and Andrew McMurray pictured at the Share Offer launch on the 25th June.